Reproduce Video

Here's another video from the Innocent Sin album, "Reproduce".
It's a play on a classic Journey video, with a few twists.

The cast is Susan Kopp, Amy Jordan, Kate Lovelady, and Billy D.
The musicians are Billy D, Dan Ingenthron, Ken Moore, plus singers Kate Lovelady, Susan Kopp, David Taylor, and Joe Koepke.
Available at CD Baby, iTunes, and other outlets.

Innocent Sin Video

And so it came to pass, the "Innocent Sin" video was thus revealed to the world.

Video stars are Billy D, Kate Noshame, Susan Elaine Kopp, Seth Weissman, Rose Taschner, Stephanie Recht, with help from Rick Nelson.
Musicians are Billy D, Ken Moore, Dan Ingenthron, Mark Youngbauer.

Of course, you can get the album at CD Baby.

Digital Downloads available!

So the new album is now offically out via digital download on CD Baby. The CDs are yet to ship, so hold your horses. Kickstarter contributors, naturally, have their free CDs coming to them in the next few weeks.

The rest of you and your firends should buy it immediately!

Also, the album should slowly proliferate through all the major download and streaming companies (except Spotify) in the next few weeks. So keep those iTunes searches happening!

We also shot a silly, psuedo-'70s video for the title track this weekend. So look for that when it's ready. (I could easily hold another Kickstarter campaign just to get a Mac that can handle editing those enormous HD video files...)

Happy Spring!
Billy D

Innocent Sin, first song

After great anticipation, Billy releases his new CD, Innocent Sin, in June 2015. It's a bouncy irreverent ride of wit, philosophy, and innuendo. The first track of the same name is available on Soundcloud now.

All of Billy's CDs are on CD Baby.

Kick Ass Video

Here is the music video from "Kick Ass", a song on my upcoming CD, tentatively called Innocent Sin. Featured are Bill & Frantz as autumnal outlaws, chased by Sheriff Tucker Bodman. Enjoy.

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