The Bill & Frantz Show Season 2

2012 was an exciting and prolific year: BFS Season 2 has movies, politics, Santa Claus, outdoor festivals, etc.

Billy D Sampler

For that certain someone, maybe yourself, who already has an iPod. Here is the official BILLY DECHAND SAMPLER. It's two tracks from each of my six music CDs. That makes twelve, you know. A full-length collection. FOR FREE! Dig it!

Billy D photo by Sara LevinThanks for listening. Enjoy!


  1. Stay (From POST)
  2. Garbage (From HOLD ON )
  3. Sassafras Arugula And Mint (From HOCUS POCUS)
  4. Scratch That Itch (From HOLD ON)
  5. Post Post Modern Man (From POST)
  6. Hard Moon Crash (From WORLD FAMOUS IN CHAPEL HILL)
  7. See Saw (From HOCUS POCUS)
  8. At What Cost Freedom? (Featuring Rose Thomson) (From IN DOG'S COUNTRY)
  9. The Man In The Suit (From POP ANOTHER CORK)
  10. When The Sand Is Dry (From WORLD FAMOUS IN CHAPEL HILL)

The Bill & Frantz Show Theme Song

The Bill & Frantz Show wants you. We wrote a little theme song, and want you to record a version. It could be video or just audio. If we like it, we might just use it in one of our shows!
You can look at our song sheet (PDF) and/or hear a version we did ourselves at the beginning of BFS Episode 209.
Don't feel obligated to make it the same as our version. Originality is encouraged. Be yourself.

Mother Earth Comics, Issue #10

Behold, the last issue of Mother Earth, presented as a Flash comic. Full frame-by-frame reading, and FULL SCREEN MODE!

The Bill & Frantz Show

A popular morning talk and entertainment program, featuring the dynamic duo Bill Dechand and Frantz Bostick. Two guys with different experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the week.

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