Innocent Sin, first song

After great anticipation, Billy releases his new CD, Innocent Sin, in June 2015. It's a bouncy irreverent ride of wit, philosophy, and innuendo. The first track of the same name is available on Soundcloud now.

All of Billy's CDs are on CD Baby.

Kick Ass Video

Here is the music video from "Kick Ass", a song on my upcoming CD, tentatively called Innocent Sin. Featured are Bill & Frantz as autumnal outlaws, chased by Sheriff Tucker Bodman. Enjoy.


This is a drug idea I've had since high school in the 1980s. I finally got around to making an ad for it.
From The Bill & Frantz Show, Ep. 311:

Hold On to Harvest

Back in 2003, The Billy Dechand Band played a special show to celebrate our new CD, Hold On, at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. For the first set, we played songs from the new album, and other Billy hits. In the spirit of The Last Waltz, we had several guests join us for our second set. We played Neil Young's Harvest in its entirety, in sequence. With the variety of talent and styles, many of the arrangments were substantially different from the originals. As it should be.
Here is the complete show.


Frantz wrote a script called "Shattered", starring me as a crazy man who likes to yell at his wife, Helen. On The Bill & Frantz Show (episode 406), he interviews me as self-satisfied French actor, Guillaume Dechand.

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